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Scott County Missouri


Founded March 2013

SEMO Airsoft (Southeast Missouri) is a group of friendly Airsoft players ranging from beginner to more advanced who play Airsoft every other weekend. We provide a safe environment for airsoft players to gather to play airsoft. If you want to play Airsoft click on our Prices button and feel free to show up on any of our Public Game Days. We also host private parties.

Our SEMO Crew at Large Milsim Events


SEMO AIRSOFT at Broken home 4 Wyandotte, OK

SEMO AIRSOFT at Ironclad 2 Hattisburg, MS

SEMO AIRSOFT at Broken Home 5 Wyandotte, OK

SEMO Airsoft at Broken Home 6 Wyandotte, OK


SEMO AIRSOFT at Ironclad 3 Hattisburg, MS

SEMO Airsoft at OP:34 Chicago, IL

SEMO Airsoft at Broken Home 7 Wyandotte, OK

SEMO Airsoft at 2-man Indoor Morley, MO

SEMO Airsoft at OP:34 II Chicago, IL

SEMO Airsoft at Black Site Anniston, AL

SEMO AIRSOFT at Southern Strike Hattisburg, MS

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