SEMO Airsoft participated in the American Milsim Event known as OP34 in University Park near Chicago and played on COST faction. Our squad's duty was to defend building #24 and the entire northern part of the AO on the 1st day. UFS enemy forces tried to advance for several hours, but we held them off until that evening. Our squad persevered through the torrential downpour of rain but still managed to capture building after building. Later that night we pushed through the center of the main building #75 and pushed UFS troops all the way back to their FOB! It was a blast! Day 2 we pushed again but this time was overwhelmed with enemy opposition. Nearly our entire COST faction was pushed outside the main building towards the last hour until game index. UFS had their victory that day but we will be back soon to reclaim the ground we lost.

Hats off to our Platoon Leader and Commanding officer Kaid and Frank for their leadership and communication.


Oct. 1st-2nd 2016

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