​$10 if you bring your own equip. (Air included)

$20 for gun/mask rental.

$25 & up for 5,000 BBs. (.20 .25 .28 .30 .32) different BB weights available.

Smoke & frag grenade prices too low to post on web! Sold at fields ONLY!

  Parties   Welcome

(Call in advance)


per day

Things to know before you come:

Our Airsoft Playing facilities are indoors & outdoors. Prepare for woods, sand dunes, ditches, ruff terrain, unstable footing/mud etc.

There could be possible poison oak/ivy certain times of the year.

Wear old clothes or something you wouldn't mind getting dirty.

Long sleeves and pants are (recommended.) Boots/strong shoes.


All players must be at least 13 yrs old to play unless a parent is onsite with them.

All players must sign our Liability Waiver before you can play.

Read our Airsoft Rules so that you are somewhat familiar with them.

Daily rules & safety briefings are always given onsite prior to play.

You can bring your own BBs as long as they are BIO BBs.

We sell BIO BBs & grenades onsite.


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