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We have 4 Airsoft playing locations.

  • Blodgett Field

  • Old Morley High School

  • Blodgett Paintball

  • Benton Speedway


Blodgett Field

59 Cooper Lane

Sikeston, MO 63801

Our Blodgett location has 55 acres. This field has woods, open field, forts, buildings and several bunkers which are great for scenario games. We play mission games here!


Old Morley High School

370 County Highway 430
Morley, MO 63767

The Old Morley High School was built in 1940 and has a lot of history. This facility has a gymnasium, a stage, long hallways, a basement and

of course several classrooms. This place is very fun especially for players who love to breech. Airsoft grenades welcome!


Blodgett Paintball

3925 State Highway H

Sikeston, MO 63801

Blodgett Paintball has a nice, spectator friendly facility with 3 playing areas.

1. Woods Field with forts and many bunkers.

2. Tank Speedball Field with many bunkers.

3. Barrel Speedball Field with many bunkers and tanks.

Benton Speedway

817 County Highway 505,

Benton, MO 63736

Benton Speedway has 20 acres of woods, sand dunes, hills and open play area. Sometimes we play night games here in the summer.

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