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SEMO Airsoft participated in the American Milsim Event known as OP34(2) in University Park near Chicago and played on Sierra Dynamic's faction. Our squad's duty was to defend the northeastern buildings near the silos on the 1st day. UFS enemy forces tried to advance for several hours. Our squad held UFS off for the 1st half of the day until we were finally taken over and gave up ownership of the entire north section of the AO. Our faction persevered through the torrential downpour of rain and later regrouped and managed to capture the entire southern part of the AO including the main building #75 and pushed UFS troops all the way back to the northside of the AO. It was a blast! Due to wave after wave of bad weather we did not play the 2nd day but still enjoyed making new friends and are excited about playing again soon.

Hats off to our leaders Frank and Alex for their courage and a special thanks to our SEMO Squad Leader

Roy Holland for his outstanding leadership and communication during this event!

OP34 (2)

April 29th-30th 2017

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