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Saturday Oct, 3rd 2020. $35 per player.

Safety Briefing: 10AM (Every player MUST attend the safety briefing.)

Game starts: 12PM (noon) / Game Ends: 8PM (Night Game Portion begins at dark)


Every player will be given free raffle tickets at the beginning of the event. There will be a raffle at the end of the event.


We will have onsite concession. BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, coffee & more.


There will be free onsite camping or there are affordable hotels in Sikeston, MO.


There are 2 main factions (Green & Tan) with secret missions to achieve that will be rewarded on a point system.


                                                           Additional Details to the game including all Rules below...

Every Player MUST sign our waiver!

Click here to download...

Choose a Faction


New Age Empire  (NAE)


OD Green, Woodland, Caiman, Multicam, Marpat.

Commander Roy

     aka Echo4

New Age Empire (Green Team)


Once you buy your ticket you MUST play on this team. No team switching please!

Free People's Republic  (FPR)


Gray, Multicam Airid, Marpat/AOR1, 3 Color Desert.

Commander Levi

 aka The Barber

Free People's Republic (Tan Team)


Once you buy your ticket you MUST play on this team. No team switching please!

THE Story

The riot started in the U.S. first, next Europe and then the rest of the world. By the time the nukes flashed, no one knew who shot first. When the survivors finally shook off the ash, a new government rose to power called the New Age Empire. They seemed to have endless resources. This was 20 years ago...

The New Age Empire is ruthless in their rule. The people have been oppressed for too long. 15 years after the rise of the New Age Empire a group of rebels known as The Free People's Republic began to strike out and since then their numbers have grown so much that it has thrown the "once was" United States, into a bloody civil war.

We settle in on an old-world biochemical test site in the middle of the heartland which is currently known as the anarchy zone due to the Golden Circle, a group of merciless scavenger/marauders, that has holed up in the area they hold. No loyalty to either side in the war. Even with their small numbers they're holding their ground against both the New Age Empire and the Free People's Republic.


The AO

The AO consists of a 17 acre wooded area with structures, buildings and bunkers. The boundary lines are marked with purple lines.













1. All players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, glasses or paintball mask. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area. NO safety glasses, shooting glasses, or mesh goggles.  Full seal goggles/glasses must form a seal around the lenses that fully contacts the skin and will not let a BB inside the seal. Disciplinary action will be taken if you remove or break the seal on your eye protection during a game. (We take our safety very seriously!).

2. Full face protection is not required but is (highly recommended) considering teeth can be shot out.


3. All players are required to use Barrel Bags. A barrel bag is a safety sleeve that fits around the end of your airsoft gun barrel that protects you & others in case of accidental discharge. We sell these at our facilities for only $2.00.


4.Treat your airsoft gun like you would a real firearm. DO NOT point your gun in the direction of others while game play is not under way. Even if you think it's unloaded, even if it's on safety, keep that gun either pointed at the ground or toward the sky.

5. Target practice is only allowed in the field or designated areas. Eye protection MUST be worn!

6. CALL YOUR HITS!!! When struck by a BB yell "HIT", hold your hand or gun in the air so the individual shooting at you knows to stop, then immediately put your "Safety Green" Dead rag on your head. All players must have a “Dead Rag” minimum 50 square inches of material. If you don’t have one, please ask. One will be provided for you. Gun hits DO NOT count and neither do ricochets, everything else does. After calling "HIT" you MUST take a knee for 5 minutes. You may yell for a MEDIC to come and place a bandage on either your leg or your arm. Each player is allowed up to 2 bandages. Bandages MUST be at least 2 inches x 4 Foot long. Also KILL CARDS will be issued 1 card per player at the beginning of the event. Opponents who can get to you before the 5 minutes is up may touch you and say the word "Searching". You MUST relinquish your issued KILL CARD. You may however keep any KILL CARDS that you have personally collected from other opponents. Also some players will be assigned "Secret Intel" that can be captured.

7. Be aware of over shooting. Over shooting is very common and usually not a malicious act. If you are hit and find yourself in a crossfire, feel free to lay down or move a few feet to get out of the line of fire.

8. Friendly fire counts. Each team uses colored armbands or colored clothing to distinguish teams however if you shoot your own teammates they will be eliminated so look before you shoot. Code words are good to use in dark areas.

9. Never give the impression that you are hit if that is not the case. No "Dead Man's walk" deception.

10. If you tag an opposing player, they are considered "hit".  

11. Do not blind fire. EXAMPLE: If you are on one side of a structure and you think someone may be on the other side, don't stick your gun around the wall and fire without looking as you shoot.

12. Dead men don't talk. Players can not relay tactical info until they are legally allowed to shoot.

13. Smoke Grenades can only be used outdoors.

14. Frag grenades thrown in an indoor room will eliminate all players in that room that are not behind hard cover. Hard cover is defined by a wall, door or something that you cannot put your hand through. Frag grenades thrown outdoors have a 15 foot kill radius. Frags can also disable vehicles.

15. Be a good Sport! If you know that you shot an opponent and they are not calling their hits. DO NOT yell across the field at them! Simply shoot them again. If they still do not call their hits wait until after the game and tell a staff member. The staff member will pull that player aside and take care of it privately. Foul, intimidating or abusive language is not allowed. Out of control tempers will not be tolerated on the field.

16. Our medical EMERGENCY code word is the word "BLIND-MAN". If there is an emergency on the field that requires medical attention, players will be required to YELL the word "BLIND-MAN" as loud as you can. If you hear a player or staff member yell that word you need to yell it as well passing it on until the game ends.

DO NOT yell "BLIND-MAN" for non-emergency matters such as if your gun goes down or if you run out of BBs. This code word is reserved for medical emergency use only!

17. If a "Fire" occurs on the field due to a flash bag or smoke grenade, a "Seize-Fire" may be called to temporarily STOP PLAY until the fire is put out. All players will be required to STAND STILL until the Seize-Fire is called off. Players will then continue to play from that point. You do NOT have to re-spawn.


There are 2 main factions (Green & Tan) with secret missions to achieve that will be rewarded on a point system. A smaller faction known as the Golden Circle (Black) will be released into the game at different times to (mess things up) and cause chaos during the event.


Each Faction will have their own FOB (Forward Operation Base) OUTSIDE of the boundary lines. Your AO is your (Safe Space). There will be a tent here where you can store all of your gear, BBs, food etc. Faction meetings will take place at your FOB. Attacking enemy FOB is strictly forbidden as they are outside of the AO.


Each faction will have their own secret radio channels provided to them at the faction meetings. No listening in on opponent's radio channels.


Each Faction will be divided into squads. A squad is 6-12 players. Each squad can have 1 SSW (Machine Gunner). See Chrono Limits below...


Chronograph Limits:

All Airsoft Guns are to be chronographed. Field Staff will assist with Chrono at the fields.



AEG 400 FPS with .20 BBs.        or           HPA 320 FPS (1.52) with .32 BBs.


No Minimum engagement distance                    



450 FPS with .20 BBs.                or            HPA 355 FPS (1.88J) with .32 BBs.

60-foot engagement distance & encouraged to carry sidearm.



AEG 550 FPS with .20 BBs.        or           HPA 435 FPS (.208J) with .32 BBs.

100-foot engagement distance & encouraged to carry sidearm.



450 FPS with .20 BBs.                 or           HPA 355 FPS (1.88J) with .32 BBs.

60-foot engagement distance & no shooting inside buildings.) room-to-room



Any rules violations will result in point deductions for your faction. Event Staff may ask for your name when a War Crime is recorded, this information will not be made public, but will be used for tracking rule violations internally. Safety violations will be assessed higher point penalties.








Click here to Download & print the AO...

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