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MVP Earners

The MVP patch is a special honor earned when a player does an awesome game move that impacts the outcome of a game. Congrats to these awesome players who earned the MVP patch!

Our Current MVP Holder

Laine Whitaker May 26th 2018

Troy Holland

April 29th 2016

Troy Holland

June 4th 2016

Bobby Russell

June 10th 2016

Roy Holland

Sept. 10th 2016

Conner Chandler

Dec. 9th 2016

Rob Russell

Feb. 4th 2017

Sam Rhinehart

July 30th 2016

Rob Russell

July 30th 2016

Jared West

Sept. 2nd 2016

Levi Kinder

Feb. 18th 2017

Bobby Russell

March 18th 2017

Sean Burnham

April 13th 2017

Levi Kinder

Dec. 2nd 2017

Brian Pelton

Dec. 9th 2017

Jessie Wheeler

March 3rd 2018

Levi Kinder

March 10th 2018

Laine Whitaker

May 26th 2018

Ben Parden

April 15th 2017

Forrest Hannan

April 14th 2018

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